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The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences/Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy (research group MOVANT) is seeking to fill a full-time (100%)vacancy for a Doctoral student in the area of Motor development and postural control Research is performed within the research group MOVANT and in collaboration with the M²OCEAN movement analysis lab Job description You prepare a PhD proposal  in the field of  Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy. You contribute to teaching and research in the department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy. You perform neuromechanical research on balance control in young children. Adequate balance control is a prerequisite to achieve postural stability/control in early life and more complex gross and fine motor skills later in childhood. Balance deficits are a common problem in children with various pathologies. Because of the potential impact of these balance deficits on motor development, they need to be detected early in childhood. However, balance control is complex and comprises different mechanisms. At present none of the available pediatric balance tests allows for a comprehensive evaluation of all these different aspects involved in balance control. The aim of the research project is to develop an integrated approach of assessing balance in 5 to 7 year old children covering the entire concept of balance control.